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Alien Urgency

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In 1 Peter 2:11-12 one finds references to the “pilgrim” mentality that should characterize believers in this world. In view of our alien status in this world, we should  prioritize soul-preservation and God-glorification. First, this calls for the cultivation of an alien mindset. We must avoid preoccupation with the inconsequential. Spurgeon wrote,”It is folly to allow the mind to be chiefly preoccupied with objects and pursuits belonging exclusively to a scene from which they must soon and may suddenly depart forever.” Next, this calls for a real commitment to contend for the health of our souls. We must avoid the danger of disorderly desire. This happens only as we saturate ourselves in Scripture. John Piper reminds us that “The sword of the Holy Spirit carves the sugar-coating off the poison of lust.” Finally, this calls for a sustained  concentration on the glory of God.  We abstain from disorderly desires and maintain a “beautiful” testimony before a watching world-to the glory of  God. Some years back Geoff Moore sang a song that provides a needed and timeless perspective:

“When the music fades into the past, When the days of life are through, What will be remembered of where I’ve come, When all is said and done? Will they say I loved my family, That I was a faithful friend, That I lived to tell of God’s own Son, When all is said and done?”


About My Blog

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Welcome to my blog. I chose the title “Pilgrims In The Pulpit” in light of some observations regarding 1 Peter 1-2. In the last few months I preached these chapters while serving as interim preacher at FBC Porter Tx. Peter refers to his readers as ‘exiles’ and ‘sojourners’. The concept of a pilgrim or one who is passing through captured my attention. How or in what ways should our fragile and temporary status in this life impact our proclamation from the pulpit as preachers? I hope to explore this and many other subjects as they relate to robust, expositional, text-driven preaching.

Where I Will Be

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06/02/13    Field Street Baptist Church, Cleburne, Tx

06/08/13-06/22/13   Teaching at Bibelseminar Bonn, Bonn Germany

07/20-21/13    First Baptist Church, O’Fallon Illinois

07/28-29/13    Salem Heights Community Church, Salem Oregon

09/15/13   Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church, Allen, Tx

What I Have Been Reading

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“If God Were Real” by John Avant

“Preaching To A Post-Everything World” by Zack Eswine

“Text-Driven Preaching” editors Daniel Akin, David Allen and Ned Matthews

“Evangelical Eloquence-A Course of Lectures on Preaching” by R. L. Dabney

“Preaching To A Shifting Culture” edited by Scott M. Gibson